UVULA AUDIO Donor Page Uvula Audio thanks the following individuals and groups
for their financial assistance:

Super Duper Patrons - - $50.00 OR GREATER +

David Lucey

Duane Parker

Super Patrons - - $20.00- 30.00 +
John Bodnar
Stephen Breen
Flann Christenson
Joy Cohn
David Gates
Kenneth Koldys
Fred Krusemark
Robert Luoma
Eduardo Villalta
Victor Wong

Patrons - - $10.00-$20.00 +
William Berry

Website Angels - - Less than $10.00
Stephen Crawford
Neal Hellman
Mark Malcolm
Steven Matheny
Stephenie McWalters
Andrea Pellegrin
Timothy Pinkham
Sarah Psitos
Kent Wilcox

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