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The Standards of Creation is a new, sprawling science fiction novel by J.J. Campanella.

What will the world be like in a hundred years when personal computers are a bit too personal? When your genome can be analyzed in seconds to tell you all your inborne weaknesses and strengths? When a new heart or kidney can be printed out like we would print a letter today? When anti-viruses will be engineered to wipe out diseases? How will humanity change when we can travel the Solar System? Will humankind just carry old grudges into space?

Elysium Colony: The first Martian Colony was founded in the 2050's by the Euro-American Space Agency. After being around almost fifty years, the colony is no longer the outback. It has become a place of peace, commerce, and civilization-- more peaceful than Earth. Unfortunately, human memories are long and problems come to every paradise.

Yarrow Hayes: Award winning genetic researcher. He is faced with difficult decisions as  his laboratory funding dries up and his research is threatened. Hayes is one of the first generation of Martian colonists in Elysium Colony. He has not been on Earth in twenty-five years, but a fateful trip back to Terra is forced upon him.

Alex Arodyne: brash, young and annoying-- but a genius in viral engineering. Alex has been handed some information about the Elysium Colony that horrifies him and moves him to action. He has no idea how far-reaching the effects of his discovery will be.

Cordelia Bellefont: Undercover investigator for the NATO Police. She has lived as someone more than human for years,  but now that the last vestiges of her humanity are threatened, she will need to take actions that may change her life forever.

Geraldine Springmartin: Corporate maurader and heir to a multi-billion dollar empire that spans the Solar System. She and her family have set their sights on exploiting Yarrow Hayes as he slips into a whirlpool of desperation.

Liu Ming: Agent for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. He is a man whose job is finding out the secrets of others and protecting those of his country. He is an ethical man, but one who will go to extremes to ensure the safety of his own people.

Jake Merry Texan, Martian colonist, master microscopist, and best friend of Alex Arodyne. Jake is another man with secrets that he holds close.

When you hold the fate of the world in your hands, what are the standards of creation?

Book Review of the Standards of Creation on Science Fiction and Fantasy Audio website by Julie Davis


Rated M for Language and Mature themes

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