The continuing adventures of Trot and Cap'n Bill with The Scarecrow Of Oz!!

L. Frank Baum’s The Scarecrow of Oz continues the adventures of the famous Trot and Cap'n Bill who we have followed through The Sea Fairies and Sky Island. It is only natural that the two adventurers end up in Oz—-especially after Trot showed such great interest in Button Bright’s travels there during one discussion in Sky Island. This second sequel to the Trot stories was written by Baum in 1915 and the ninth in the Oz series. He says later in life that when he completed it, it turned out to be his personal favorite of all the Oz books. This book was a landmark also for Although the journey of an American child to Oz had long been a favorite plot for Baum, this work represented its last appearance: no more children would be inducted into Oz for the duration of his work on the series. Trot and Cap'n Bill find themselves on a perilous and exciting voyage when a whirlpool leaves them stranded in an underwater cave. There they are befriended by a most curious creature--the Ork. With four paddle-like wings, legs like a stork's, a parrot's head, and a tail like a propeller, the Ork proves to be a very welcome and helpful companion. After escaping the cave, the three friends make their way to the magical Land of Mo. Here they find Button-Bright--lost once again and eager to join in their adventures. Together, the four travel across the deadly desert and into the Land of Oz, only to find themselves in new rollicking adventures with the scowling King Krewl and Blinkie the wicked witch. By the way, you will notice something very odd in this story. Despite its title, the Scarecrow of Oz, does not even show up in the book as a character until about 2/3's of the way through. This tells you that even with Oz in its title, this book is very much mostly about Trot and Cap'n Bill . . . . Enjoy the story!

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Rated G for all audiences

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