The YA SF novel "Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet" was written by Harold Goodwin (aka Blake Savage) in 1952. You may remember that Goodwin also wrote "Divers Down" which we presented a couple of months ago. "Rip Foster" concerns the first mission of a young, newly commissioned officer (Lieutenant R.I.P. Foster) in the space Corps' Special Operations division. Although published in the 1950's, the book has withstood the test of time and does not seem all that dated. Its actual astrophysics are very true to life and apparently quite accurate. Also, for those of you interested in the level of violence in this story for their kids, it is remarkable, but Goodwin creates a novel where there is plenty of military violence and yet no one on either side dies. This type of action was typical of novels written in the 1950's "for boys".

Rip Foster Volume 1

Rip Foster Volume 2

Rip Foster Volume 3

Rip Foster Volume 4

Uvula Audio Update for October 30th, 2009

Rip Foster Volume 5

Rip Foster Volume 6

Rip Foster Volume 7

Rip Foster Volume 8

Rip Foster Volume 9 (The Finale)

Rated PG

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