Poor Bertie Wooster returns in "How Right You Are, Jeeves" (Jeeves in the Offing) when he is left behind at the loony bin of Brinkley Court, while Jeeves is on vacation shrimping. Bertie has been invited by his Aunt Dahlia for a holiday at Brinkley but little does he know that she and the redheaded menace Bobbie Wickham have something else in mind other than his relaxation. Bertie's sanity is challenged by his former nemeses Pop Glossop and Aubrey Upjohn. Additionally he has to deal with the wackiness of American playboy Willie Cream-- yes, that is his real name (bleah). What will Bertie do without the help of Jeeves when nuttiness ensues . . . ?

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Rated PG for silly English humor.

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