Now Bookcasting: Madonna of the Maquiladora by Gregory Frost


Gregory Frost is a former winner of the Nebula, Hugo, Tiptree, International Horror Guild, and World Fantasy Awards. In Madonna of the Maquiladora, in our Uvula Audio presentation he takes the listeners on a disquieting and nightmarish journey. This speculative fiction novelette highlights the injustice of godless big business using religion to control the masses just over the border. The story is just as disturbing now, because of its political and social implications, as it was when it was first written 10 years ago.This story was originally recorded and presented on the StarShip Sofa podcast April 21st, 2010. For archival purposes and your enjoyment Uvula Audio will re-present the Frost story here.

Madonna of the Maquiladora

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Rated PG-15 A violent, adult story of speculative fiction

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