Now Bookcasting:Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons Blues by Gord Sellar


Gord Sellar is an SF writer, jazz aficionado, home-brewer, and expat teaching in a university in South Korea. This story appeared in the Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection of the best science fiction 2009. In "Lester Young", he takes the reader on a journey into an alternate version of the mid-20th century where jazz loving aliens hire the world’s best musicians and whisk them off to into the black to play on space liners. Sellar writes in a style drawing on the hip autobiographical voice of Miles Davis, and he re-imagines the late 1940s East Coast jazz scene as it might have evolved had aliens visited Earth during and after World War Two. The aliens are a lovely metaphor for the soulless music industry that took such great advantage of early artists. Sellar states that his story is a love poem to both jazz and Science Fiction. This audio story was originally recorded and presented on the Star Ship Sofa SF podcast in March 25th, 2009. For archival purposes and your enjoyment Uvula Audio will re-present the Sellars story here.

Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons Blues

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Rated M for persistent language and some sexual themes

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