The P.G. Wodehouse comedy Jeeves In the Morning is now podcasting! This is one of Wodehouse's funniest!


Here are the zany misadventures of foggy-minded aristocrat Bertie Wooster and his sharp-witted valet/butler Jeeves. Against Bertie's better judgement, they visit the sleepy village of Steeple Bumpleigh, home of Bertie's Uncle Percy, also the home of Bertie's ex-fiancée, Florence, and her new fiancé, Constable Stilton Cheesewright. In addition, Bertie's cousin, Nobby, wants Bertie's help in gaining Uncle Percy's approval of her writer fiancé. To complicate the romantic antics, Stilton thinks Bertie wants to reconcile with Florence (as does Florence) and threatens him bodily harm. Into the muddle comes Jeeves, who, as always, saves the day. We are proud to present one of Wodehouse's funniest novels about the adventures of Bertie and Jeeves

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PG for silly British insults (actually the recording is fine for all ages, but most kids will be confused by the typical Wodehouse madness)

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