This wonderful fantasy story from L. Frank Baum deals with the travels of young Trot (Mary) and her guardian Cap'n Bill. Cap'n Bill is an sea salt who was the captain of Trot's father's boat until an accident where he lost his "meat leg" for a wooden one. One day Trot and Cap'n Bill find a big old sea cave where they discover a school of mermaids waiting for them. The mermaids agree to bring the two humans down to the ocean depths for a tour of their kingdom. In their travels, Trot and the Cap'n meet a bashful octopus, aristocratic codfish, and ancient sea serpent, and attend an elegant banquet hosted by Queen Aquareine of the mermaids. They have loads of adventures and lots of fun as well. Please enjoy this 1911 classic!

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Volume 2
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Rated G for all ages  

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