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This audio version of John W. Campbell's short story The Last Evolution was first premiered on the SF fan podcast Star Ship Sofa ( We are re-presenting the story on Uvula Audio in order to get a bit more exposure for this fine classic SF tale. Librivox does have a version of Campbell's story, but UA's is much superior to it in quality. The Last Evolution was published for the first time in Amazing Stories in 1932 and is probably the first story in SF history to consider the possibility of the "singularity", which has become much in vogue in the last few years. The story is narrated by an advanced robot/android/AI of some unspecified type.He is part of a race of machines that humans have constructed that can build better versions of themselves, though they still serve man loyally. Earth gets attacked by a huge alien armada, led by aliens that do not have self-improving machines. The human machines enter upon a track of forced hyper-evolution as a defense against the invaders. This is story of that war, its eventual result, and the fate of the human race.

The Last Evolution by John W. Campbell

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